Precision Castings

Sand Castings

We provide fully machined and finished sand castings in aluminium, iron and various material grades. 30+ years of technical experience enable us to work on both small and large sand casting projects. We only work with approved UK foundries. Sand Casting

Lost Wax Castings

For cost effective lost wax castings with excellent surface finishes, do get in touch. We offer high tolerance lost wax castings from prototype parts to volume production. Lost Wax Casting

Gravity Die Casting

At Intercast we can produce high integrity die castings from simple parts to highly complex castings. Gravity die casting offers benefits with mechanical properties and good surface finishes. Gravity Die Casting

Pressure Die Casting

We can offer excellent lead times for volume high pressure die casting parts. Competitively priced high pressure die casting can be produced in aluminium & zinc material grades. Pressure Die Casting

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