Trading since 2001 we have over 30 years of casting and manufacturing experience from across a number of Sheffield foundries. We have an established and proven overseas supply route that is simple, dependable and repeatable with great economical benefit to our customers.

Intercast UK Castings

30 years of casting & manufacturing experience from across a number of Sheffield foundries.

Castings supplied include sand castings to 35 tonnes, lost wax castings from a few grams to kilos, gravity die castings and pressure die casting.

Intercast UK Forgings

Additionally we supply forgings, open or closed dies, aluminium extrusions, injected and blow moulded plastic.

We have extensive machining facilities and can sub contract locally to give a maximum capability of up to 3 metre diameter.

Intercast UK Least Cost Process

Our listed capabilities do not exclude any additional processes where the customer may need specific facilities for specific projects.

We can assist with best fit least cost process selection and help our customers design the form and function around the best fit process.


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27 May 2021
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